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Home elevators

We make a wide range of home lifts that can be adapted to most homes and budgets. Do you dream about accessing all the floors of your home by the simple push of a button? Make your dream come true by offering your family the everyday luxury of a residential lift. Our lifts will integrate seamlessly with any home, without the extensive preparations and building work associated with conventional lifts. If you are looking for an elegant and customizable lift solution, which causes minimal disruption to your daily life and reduces your building costs, Sanad residential lifts are a great option!

panorama elevator
passengers elevators

We offer passenger elevator systems to fit any possible application. System selection, along with unit size and shape, are based on your individual requirements. Elevators are typically and most economically manufactured in pre-engineered/standard sizes, but we have the capability to provide custom designs to fit code and customer requirements. Our Team works closely with you to ensure the final product fulfills expectations. We take tremendous pride in helping you plan and carry out successful projects by providing premium customer service and an unmatched personal touch. From low-rise economy models to high-speed elevators serving the tallest observation deck in Saudi Arabia , we can provide an elevator package for any application.

Villa elevators

Villa elevators are home elevators installed in villas for ease of transport from one floor to another. In families with people above a certain age, villa elevators are quite essential to make sure the members safely transport from one floor to another without the risk of any accident. Further, the possibility of increasing the value of homes through additions like a villa elevator is notable. At Sanad, we understand all of these requirements and help you create a home that is safe and convenient. With the demand for villa elevators on the rise, we make sure we design the right one for you, keeping in mind what you envision for your home and the possibilities in terms of space and utility.

Service elevators

For those commercial and industrial clients looking to move heavy items, retail stock, meals in the hospitality sector, our service lifts take the load. Used mainly in restaurants, and hotels. Our expertly installed service lifts can be fitted in a variety of different locations and our experienced and professional lift engineers can overcome tight spaces and restrictive building regulations to find the best solution for you.

Office buildings elevators

Office Elevators do much more than bridging connections between floors. They contribute to the overall experience of an office. Getting the first impression your office building gives right doesn’t have to take much anymore. The right office elevators will not only add to the building’s ambience but also enhance its allure. Our leading-edge innovation in office elevators is built to add value to your choice, ensuring a lasting impression. Our state of the art office building elevators enhance your office’s ambience, giving an opulent impression. And our office elevators don’t just look good, they also mean business. Backed by powerful engineering, Sanad office elevators meet all your elevator needs- be it security, speed, aesthetics, or energy-efficiency.

Hospital elevators

Elevators are among the most used machines in any residential or commercial building. When it comes to a hospital elevator, it becomes crucial to opt for hospital elevators that are sturdy, reliable, and spacious all at the same time. Unlike residential elevators, a hospital elevator needs to be spacious enough to accommodate a patient along with his or her bed and medical staff as well. Besides space, they need to be fast and reliable, as in the medical world, every second counts. A fast and reliable elevator can help move patients from one floor to another, in the shortest possible time, which can be a lifesaver. If your hospital needs a new elevator, or your existing elevator needs to be replaced or upgraded, then we at Sanad elevators have your back. Our state-of-the-art elevators have been installed in various hospitals, malls, commercial buildings all over the kingdom, and our ever-increasing clientele is a testament to our unparalleled service and quality of products that we put out.


The number of shopping centers and malls is one of the most important commercial places, as it helps businesses grow and expand. Given the world that we live in today, the number of shopping centers has increased exponentially in recent times, and this is only expected to increase in coming times. Shopping malls are among the most crowded places in the city and witnesses thousands of visitors every single day. During business hours, shopping centers elevators are put into work overtime and the number of passengers that they need to ferry from one floor/level to another is incredibly high. In such a scenario, it becomes important to ensure that you find an elevator that is not just durable but is able to withstand heavy loads for prolonged periods. In such scenarios, the durability of the elevator is put to the test, as any breakdown can directly hamper the business operations on multiple floors.

Capins Design

The cabin is designed according to the following options

  • Choose wood or steel decor
  • Choose the type of steel, silver, or gold
  • Choose the engraving of the steel or the design of the wood
  • Choose the shape of the marble and the shape of the ceiling
  • Choosing the form of the internal and external order
sanad elevators is caracterized by

The latest international and local designs that can be
For the customer to choose from them on a large scale according to the latest technologies Modern and characterized by the presence of the latest laser machines in the design And the use of thermal paint in all stages of the elevator, is characterized by Resistant to rust twice as much as normal paint and there are different options In types of marble and laser ceilings.


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