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Installing different types of elevators with high quality work. Providing after-sales maintenance service.


Provide maintenance for all different types of elevators with provision of original spare parts to ensure the efficiency and safety of the elevator performance over time


our highly trained route technicians are equipped with an active mobile inventory of more than 1,200 parts for quick fixes. This preparation prevents “be-backs”.


Failing to have routine inspections performed by a qualified elevator professional can lead to shutdowns and reliability issues, which can ultimately cause safety concerns.


Not happy with the look and performance of your elevator? You don’t have to rush out and buy a new one. Choose elevator modernisation and save money. Find out if elevator modernisation could be suitable and what the advantages are.


Sanad is committed to providing you with the utmost in personal service and professional care for your elevator systems. We proudly serve commercial buildings of all sizes with their elevator modernization needs.

Emergency Team

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Emergency Teams that respond very quickly to all emergency errors that require an immediate, high-speed response, the elevator, and the safety and security of their users. These teams operate 24 hours a day throughout the year, including holidays and public holidays. Sand provides tracking system for emergency it works as flow

24h services
Elevator Inspection

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