Elevators Modernization

There comes a time when costly repairs are no longer the best option

If your commercial elevators are wasting energy, continuously breaking down or operating slower than usual, it’s time for an elevator modernization plan. Past a certain point, repairs are no longer an option as parts become obsolete and a more significant upgrade is necessary to keep operations running smoothly.


Instead of replacing an entire elevator, upgrade and modernize your current elevator. Lower energy bills and lower repair costs.
Lower energy bills and lower repair costs.


With an elevator modernization, an upgraded cab makes visitors and employees impressed with smoother acceleration and deceleration.
It’s no secret that newer, more modern elevator equipment means added value to your commercial building.
Minimal noise and vibrations.

Our team of technicians has modernized hundreds of elevators in our more than ten years in business, and we take great pride in helping our customers improve passenger safety and add value to their buildings.



Step 1: Site Visit

In a visit to your building, we’ll examine your elevators to identify any issues and opportunities for upgrades. We’ll also discuss your project goals and timeline.

Step 2: Proposal

Based on our findings from the site visit, we will deliver a scope of work and proposal that details our recommendations for modernization.

Step 3: In-Depth Survey

When the contract is signed, our team will visit your elevators again for a comprehensive survey. This process typically takes a few hours per elevator.

Step 4: Ordering

We’ll order all necessary parts, tools and equipment for your project. You’ll have final approval of everything before any orders are placed. Depending on the number of elevators and the complexity of the project, receiving these items could take between 10 to 12 weeks.

Step 5: Internal Staging

Your new elevator equipment will be delivered to our warehouse and internally staged to ensure that everything is ready for installation. We store everything for you in our warehouse, so there’s no need to worry about where to keep the equipment in your building.

Step 6: Installation

We’ll pack up our truck with your equipment and head to your location. The installation process for a hydraulic elevator can take between 3 to 5 weeks; a traction elevator installation can be 5 weeks or longer.

Step 7: Testing & Final Inspections

We’ll run extensive tests, perform our final internal reviews and coordinate official state approval for your new elevators.

Step 8: Final Walkthrough

Once your elevators are inspected and approved by the state, they are ready for use. We won’t consider your project complete until you’re satisfied.



No matter the make or model of your elevators, we can help you make significant mechanical upgrades to cut costs and improve efficiency.
During an initial field survey, we’ll assess the condition of your elevators and recommend whether it’s better to retain, modernize or replace your equipment. If modernization is the best option, our team will implement the latest technology to provide greater reliability, comfort, efficiency, code compliance and safety for you and your passengers.

Modernization Benefits

Modernization is a cost-effective alternative

Lower energy bills thanks to more efficient technologies and systems.

Cost savings and fewer inconveniences due to avoiding downtime for repairs.

An increase to the value of your building with more modern, updated equipment.

Improved passenger safety through updated features, enhanced communication and standards that meet all current codes.

Enhanced passenger ride quality with smoother acceleration and deceleration, as well as minimal noise and vibration.

Space savings from modern motors, drives and controllers that generally have smaller footprints.

Other Services

We Provide Superior Elevators Services


Our design and planning team is prepared to help customers through the entire elevator design and installation process, with decades of experience to ensure the best possible elevator solution.


As our professional and highly skilled team have many years of expertise they are also perfectly placed to provide you with honest and impartial advice on lift repair issues, essential lift maintenance and even health and safety requirements.


Often lift refurbishment can be a more cost-effective solution and far less disruptive than a new lift installation. Our design team will deliver a scheme to bring your existing installation into line with current regs. Install new control and door operating systems along with a highly energy-efficient winding machine all using the latest state-of-the-art technology.